guide our clients’ projects to a successful completion. We work alongside our clients to identify, develop, and implement winning strategies that align resources and technology to fulfill their overall vision and mission. The right strategies improve organizational performance by leveraging people, processes, and technology in ways that create value for the organization.

We help our clients by providing them an opportunity to offer features and functionality ahead of stakeholder expectations. Working side by side with you on technology and solution design, we deploy solutions built upon best-in-class standards, frameworks, and platforms. Our approach assumes interoperability, reusability, and technology integration as a critical part of releasing a comprehensive solution. We love to make our clients smile!

At FIDUCIAM, “we’re not competitor-obsessed, we’re customer-obsessed. We start with what the customer needs and we work backwards”. ~ Courtesy to Jeff Bezos

Our clients hire us to lead initiatives when they need the discipline of portfolio, program, and project management to get results that drive long-term value for the organization. We lead transformational programs for our clients when failure is not an option. We also rescue programs that have fallen off track or are underperforming.  In either case, we bring the character, competence,  and experience to help

“FIDUCIAM Team members are top-notch, focused professionals who think strategically, have great follow up and flexibility. Selecting and implementing smart, value-based technology solutions that best fit our growing company’s needs is greatly appreciated!”

Cheryl and Ed Howell, Calgary, Alberta