Cloud Computing or simply ‘The Cloud’ refers to the latest technological practice of using remote servers hosted securely on the internet to store, manage and process personal or corporate data. Cloud has already been recognized by the industry as a disruptive technology that is changing the way most businesses manage technology driven processes. While cost saving is a major business driver favoring Cloud, so also is

agility, flexibility, ease of maintenance, pay for use and speed to market. We provide expertise in Cloud readiness and implementing Cloud solutions (including Hosted Exchange, Office 365, Google G Suite, Dropbox, Amazon, Box Solutions) within the most widely utilized technology platforms available today. Data center expansion continues to accelerate globally, creating more computing, storage, and network complexity than ever before.

We provide clients with insight into the latest technology and vendor competencies. We help you determine the data center provider model that makes the most sense from a technical, financial, and operational perspective.

Private cloud server solutions offer the security of an on-premises server install, combined with the reliability of major data center redundancy. Additionally, it’s scalable with the unlimited ability to add storage and memory.


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