Today, no business can afford the risk and uncertainty of relying on a “Break-fix maintenance service” because your business is too dependent on having a reliable IT system. Depending on separate IT Service Providers  responsible for different parts of  your computer systems puts you in the difficult position of trying to decide who should be delivering the service you require.

“In-house” IT services are becoming more expensive and harder to support. Finding and retaining skilled IT staff is becoming an increasing problem. When you have FIDUCIAM's Managed IT services supporting your business, you don’t have to worry about downtime delays or unforeseen issues throwing a wrench in your business plans. Our Managed IT Services will keep the tech side of your business running smoothly and securely.


We are a Managed IT Services provider. This means we plan, implement and support the IT infrastructure and applications that your business needs to survive. We simplify your experience with technology so you can focus on your business. 


Our Managed IT Services include:

  • Help desk support with local and remote assistance capability.

  • Windows Server and Domain Administration.

  • Network Administration and VPN management.

  • Enhanced security firewall with Internet Content Filtering

  • Spam filtering and Email Hygiene for email accounts.

  • Remote monitoring for potential computer hardware and other issues.

  • Remote patch monitoring for enhanced security.

  • Asset management and inventory reports.

  • Backup of critical server data.

We provide a full suite of Managed IT Services for your business, so you can get back to working on your core business. We customize our IT services for each business because we understand that no two business have the same needs. 

FIDUCIAM can act as a 24/7 extension of your own in-house IT team.  You will no longer need to focus on reactive day-to-day hardware maintenance. We can help you “rightsize” your IT environment by aligning capacity, growth, and budget down to individual component levels  including storage, processing or network resources  that scale at a clear unit cost. 


Contact us today at +1 (972) 505-2728 to learn more about Managed IT Services and how we can work together to make your business successful.