Don’t miss out on the true potential of your new smartphone or tablet. Our techs can help you personalize and optimize the setup of your new device so you can be fast, productive, and organized. We can assist with perform initial setup and connect device to the internet, setup one user email account, demonstrate how to find and install new apps, demonstrate how to find and get connected to a wireless network, explain

how to maximize battery life, backup and restore data. Are you missing out on the functionality and true potential of you smartphone or tablet devices? We support both Apple iOS and Android Operating Systems. 


Additional Specialized Services:

  • Mobile Device Management: Our services are focused on managing, monitoring and securing devices.

  • Mobile Application Management: We can monitor, publish, and block apps installed on all devices and enforce application compliance policies.

  • Simple and Efficient Phone-to-Phone Data Transfer

  • Android to Android, Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android, iPhone to iPhone

  • Secured Backup of your Phone Data to iCloud and Google Drive

  • Restore Data from iCloud and Google Drive backups

  • Permanently Erase all private data  (photos, contacts, messages, call logs) of your Phone prior to sale or transfer of ownership

  • Phone Number Porting assistance.

Our FIDUCIAM Engineers can help with several common issues with your mobile device, help you personalize and optimize the setup of your new or existing device.