Technology can be overwhelming at times! You are trying to learn a new skill or exceedingly frustrating when something just won’t work. However, with technology training and support, a friendly face with an answer to your questions is never far away! FIDUCIAM is capable of providing top-of-the-line training and support to help you when you need it most.

We are capable of offering specifically tailored training programs based on the requirements of our clients. We engage and study the challenges facing our clients, and we develop solutions and systems that develop the skills necessary for success. Through the proper monitoring of performance and achievement, we are able to deliver the best results to our clients.


Comprehensive customized Training and Support packages tailored to your specific individual or business requirements are available. Stay on top of tech advancements with expert-led training. Learn business, creative, education and tech skills skills taught by expert instructors. 

Tech Savvy Senior Training -  Sometimes it may be frustrating for many adults to get to grips with newer technology. We believe no one is ever "too old to learn".  We do not simply teach seniors how to use computers. We have a passion to deliver training solutions that introduces latest technology, address specific concerns relevant to senior adults and empower them to live successful, independent, more connected lives. New Technology need not be intimidating !

Our Sessions are personal one-on-one and training could be scheduled at your home or office.


Our commitment is to help our clients and learners achieve their unique training goals at various stages of their lives.